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Syria this month in Prophecy - The evil Sufyani’s Rise – Rajab 1433 – May/June 2012 - Part Two of Salafi Crescent: The Threat of Wahhabi Revival, The End Times Prophecy of the Sufyani, and the 2012 Countdown to the Return of Imam Mahdi al Hujjah min Al-e Muhammad (sawaws)

The end-time phenomena concerning the Sufyani’s rise in Syria have been prophesied by the family of the Prophet Muhammad (sawaws), the Ahlul Bayt (as), and can be chronologically laid out in a timeline, beginning with the Sufyani’s emergence in the Islamic month of Rajab. We can deduce from the current state of crisis in Syria, and other signs indicative of the imminent emergence of Imam Mahdi, al Hujjat al Qa’im bil Haqq (atfs), that this current month of Rajab 1433, which runs from approximately 23 May until 20 June 2012 (which perhaps not coincidentally is the Summer Solstice), will see the emergence of the Sufyani. Riwayat, or traditions, from Bihar al Anwar and other major Shi’a books of hadith (sayings of the Prophet and his Pure Family) indicate that by the month of Rajab, conditions in Syria will have reached the state of civil war, with three factions or banners competing for governance of the nation. One faction will be fighting under a striped banner, which seems to indicate the “Stars and Stripes” of the United States flag. A second faction will be fighting under a yellow banner, which seems to indicate it will be under the guidance or direction of Hezbollah, the resistance movement in Southern Lebanon whose yellow flag bears an image of an AK-47. The third faction is that of the Sufyani, who at some point in Rajab will turn the tide of the Syrian civil war to dominate.  Let us look more closely at these three factions and the interests that they represent.

The United States of America, by all indications, despite a claim to even-handedness and a desire not to fuel the flames of the Syrian crisis with additional violence, is under the table arming and funding the violent opposition to the current Syrian regime under Bashar al Assad. American foreign policy since World War II, often through the use of the CIA, has never been hesitant to spill blood overtly or covertly for immediate and long-term economic gain and protection of “American interests abroad”. Syria is certainly no exception, and despite prevarications by Hillary Clinton and the State Department regarding a desire to see a nonviolent  resolution to the Syrian matter with Assad stepping down as a result of a peaceful opposition’s civil disobedience, such a scenario is a fairy-tale, and regardless of any possible misgivings America might have about arming al Qaeda, again, they are quite willing to do it (Libya being the most recent case in point), even it will mean the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent Shi’a spilt (or perhaps precisely so, because there is an awareness at the highest levels of US intelligence that the Shi’a continue to remain as the unwavering resistance to American unipolar hegemony worldwide, a true opposition to Satan/Capital’s injustice, as opposed to the controlled opposition of al Qaeda/Salafism/Wahhabism and the like). The official opposition to Assad is supposedly under the governance of the Syrian National Council, which itself is disunited. The SNC in turn runs the “Free Syrian Army”, who are claimed to be former members of Assad’s military who have broken ranks and taken up arms on the side of the opposition. The Free Syrian Army has 22 battalions, with the one engaging the city of Damascus called the Muawiyah bin Abi Sufiyan battalion, named after the dictator who opposed the first three Shi’a Imams and caused the death of thousands of Muslims. Abu Sufyan, the husband of Muawiyah’s mother, Hind, was an opponent of the prophet Muhammad (sawas) from the start. His wife Hind is known as the liver-eater, for having paid an assassin to kill Hamza, the prophet’s beloved uncle, and consequently eating Hamza’s liver on the battlefield. The figure of the Sufyani is named after Abu Sufyan, and is also referred to by the Ahlul Bayt (as) as the son of the liver-eater. It is from this accursed family line, damned by Allah (swt) in the Holy Qur’an as an “accursed tree” (Surah al ‘Isra, 17:60, Surah Ibrahim 14:26), that the Sufyani emerges. It should be noted that the enemies and murderers of Imam Ali, Imam Hassan, and Imam Hussain (as), came from this family line: Abu Sufyan, Muawiyah, Yazid (though technically Muawiyah’s paternity is not known because he was conceived when Hind engaged in the pre-Islamic Jahiliyyah practice of nikah ijtimah, a form of polyandry in which a group of less than ten men would have sex with a woman, and if a child resulted, one of the men was picked to father it). The official, Western backed opposition is thus itself infused with Nasibi (anti-Shi’ah) elements.

Israel and Mossad no doubt would also like to see this formal opposition triumph, because its leadership has indicated that if successful in regime change it would mend ties with Tel Aviv. Given that heretofore Syria has been a haven for and a sponsor of anti-Zionist movements such as Hezbollah, HAMAS, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Zionist entity would see this as a positive turn of events on its border. Israel in the past has created major instability in Syria, supporting the 1976-1982 Muslim Brotherhood-inspired uprising that ended in February 1982 with the Hama massacre, with anywhere from 10-40 thousand participants being killed in the suppression of the rebellion under the presidency of Hafez al-Assad, and the military command of his younger brother, General Rifaat al-Assad. This was not the last time Israel would support an Islamist movement to weaken an opponent – HAMAS itself was initially backed by Israel to foment rivalry with Fatah and division amongst the Palestinian nation. HAMAS, of course, later became a threat to Israel itself, with backing from Syria and Iran. Its headquarters were based in Damascus since the 1990s, and in 2012 they were moved out as a result of the Syrian political crisis. Although HAMAS has received funding from Shi’ah Islamic Republic of Iran and has worked with Shi’ah Hezbollah in Lebanon, their sympathies seem to rest ultimately with Salafist elements partaking in the Syrian rebellion, and their allegiances are with the Arab oligarchs who can provide them with continued funding, resulting in an attempt to move their Politburo office to Qatar this year. Qatar, the American vassal in the Persian Gulf which uses the BBC spinoff Al Jazeera News to create a false, controlled opposition to Zionism/colonialism amongst the Arab masses, has  itself has made no secret of sending a thousand mercenaries to kill Syrian soldiers, mostly from the ranks of Libyan al-Qaeda, fresh off the heels of their victory in the months long NATO and Qatar-backed civil war against Qadhaffi.

Thus the differences between the Western backed opposition and the violent takfiri Salafist rebellion become more blurred the closer one examines them. Effectively, the official opposition is presented to the public as the peaceful, non-violent, color revolution which wants Syria to become a friend of the West and Israel, as is prepared to march and tweet until they get their demands. NATO has ruled out military involvement in Syria, which unlike Libya would be a quagmire for them. Thus while overtly supporting the striped banner of the formal opposition (which itself does have an armed wing), the West is also covertly supporting the Salafist/Wahhabi/al-Qaeda terrorist opposition from which the Sufyani will emerge, because they are the ones who can do the West’s dirty work without Western leaders like Obama getting their hands dirty. Perhaps the Sufyani’s “true colors” are revealed in the riwayat from Bihar al Anwar which says that the Sufyani himself is colored red, blond, and blue. Thus this Frankstein’s monster is an American creation of the red, white, and blue, but in the mean time will wreak havoc throughout the Middle East in an attempt to prove its Salafist credentials. Another riwayat indicates that after the Mahdi eventually defeats the Sufyani, the Sufyani will flee and take refuge in the West/Europe, and this will be the basis for the Mahdi’s anger towards the West, a demand that the Sufyani be returned to Islamic land to face justice for his fitna.

The pro-Western banner and the Sufyani banner are thus intertwined, but this month the latter will prevail. The banner of righteousness will be the third banner, the yellow banner of Hezbollah, who will defend the interests of the Ahlul Bayt (as) and their Shi’ah. Sayyid Hassan Nasrullah has been discussed as the figure of the Yamani, presented in the riwayat as being the banner of righteousness, because while Lebanese, he is of Yemeni descent. Hezbollah’s participation in the Syrian conflict is inevitable. The month of May 2012 has already witnessed a spillover of Syrian violence into Lebanon.  The capital of Lebanon, Beirut, itself has just in the past week seen gunfights and killing as a result of clashes between pro-Assad and anti-Assad elements. Interestingly enough, these first clashes have been between pro-Assad Sunnis and anti-Assad Sunnis, with Hezbollah itself not yet taking a direct role. This is salient because riwayat concerning the Sufyani indicate that even though he will take power in Rajab, the Shi’ah will mostly be spared his blood-letting for a month or two – he will be focusing his wrath on more immediate enemies. This is not dissimilar to the approach taken by Salafis  in Iraq and elsewhere, assassinating Sunnis who they accuse of collaborating with their claimed enemy, be it the Shi’ah or the West – the takfirist ideology allows for the Salafis to go to great lengths to declare practically everyone else in the Muslim Ummah as a heretic. This devilish self-righteousness was prophesied by Muhammad (sawaws), when he said that a fitna would emerge from Najd, modern-day Riyadh, which would see youths pretending to be more righteous in their beliefs and deed than their fellow Muslims, killing other Muslims and leaving the disbelievers alone. While the Shi’ah will be let off the hook for a month or two, in the end their blood will be spilt the most, with riwayat indicating that anyone named Hassan or Hussein will be martyred simply for being Shi’ah. This genocide will take place with the tacit approval of a Salafist-tinged “New Middle East”.

A word needs to be said regarding the Muslim Brotherhood. In its original formulation, while majority Sunni, the Muslim Brotherhood, or Ikhawan al-Muslimin, supported unity between Sunni and Shi’ah. Its founder, Hassan al Banna, had positive views regarding the Shi’ah community, called for unity among various Muslim madhahib (doctrinal schools), and invited Shi’ah from Iran and elsewhere to participate in the Brotherhood, which they gladly did. The Muslim Brotherhood in turn played a role as one of the influences upon Ayatollah Khomeini, through Nawab Safawi, and upon the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Sayyid Qutb, another prominent Muslim Brother, was translated by IRI Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei into Farsi. HAMAS was created in Palestine by Muslim Brothers, and has had an amicable relationship with Iran up until now. Nonetheless, despite pro-Iran, pro-Shi’ah, and pro-Islamic Unity elements within the Muslim Brotherhood, the Brotherhood today has Salafi and anti-Shi’ah elements as well. Turning back to the incidents of Hama, Syria, in 1982 - the memory of tens of thousands of Muslim Brothers being killed by the Assad family has not been erased.  Present-day events remind the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and elsewhere of the massacre of  1982, and passions have been ignited for revenge.  With the fall of Husni Mubarak, the Muslim Brotherhood has taken a prominent place in Egyptian politics. In recent parliamentary elections, the Muslim Brotherhood have taken approximately 50% of the seats, and overtly Salafi candidates have taken another 25%. This Salafist Bloc will force the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood closer to more explicitly anti-Shi’ah positions. Today’s presidential elections in Egypt may also have the result of creating an atmosphere conducive to MB-Salafi influence. Conspiracy theories have abounded regarding the origins and role of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafiyya, and while pro-Zionist mainstream media CNN and Fox News commentators like Glenn Beck maintain that Obama is a secret Muslim Brother seeking the destruction of America, a more likely conspiracy is that Freemasons, MI5, MI6, and the CIA have all played their role in shaping the Muslim Brotherhood, from the Western plot against Nasserism through to the present Arab Spring. A Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi coalition ruling Egypt may create an atmosphere conducive to anti-Shi’ah sentiment, and at the very least create a complicit silence of tacit support once the Sufyani targets the Shi’ah. A taste of things to come: when HAMAS leader Ismail Haniyeh first broke with Assad and announced his support for the opposition in Syria at a Muslim Brotherhood rally in Cairo, members of the crowd shouted “ No Iran, No Hezbollah. Syria is Islamic.” The Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood, which has also been considered moderate, has called for jihadi fighters to flock to Syria to fight the Assad government as well.

The Ahlul Bayt (as) have forewarned their Shi’ah about these events to take place this month of Rajab. They have counseled us not to take sides in the conflict until the emergence of the Sufyani. A nuanced approach is necessary, and a multifaceted analysis requires that we not jump to take sides until it is clear who we are dealing with, who our friends are, and who are enemy is. After all, while Bashar al-Assad is Alawi Shi’a, his political party the Ba’ath Party (the same party which brought Saddam Hussein to power) was founded by Michel Aoun, a secularist Orthodox Christian (some say secret Jew). Rushing to wholeheartedly back al-Assad would be a mistake, as would outright condemning him. The opposition also has some legitimate grievances, but the rising frequency of al-Qaeda style suicide/homicide bombings targeting civilian centers in Damascus and elsewhere in Syria indicates that the opposition will soon be dominated by al-Qaeda. Very soon the Shi’ah of the region will be dragged into the conflict in Syria. The latest news that Lebanese Shi’ah have been kidnapped by Syrian rebels may be the opening salvo in the Sufyani’s war, and foreshadows the inevitable: Shi’ah will be targeted by Salafis in a sectarian conlict regardless of their stance. The Pure Imams (as) have told their Shi’ah that once the Sufyani emerges in Rajab, the Shi’ah should go to the aid of the Ahlul Bayt (as). Shi’ah worldwide, especially from Lebanon and Iran, will come to the aid of the Shi’ah of Syria, once the Sufyani declares his war on the Family of the Prophet (sawaws).  The Aimmah (as) have warned the Shi’ah of the region that once the Sufyani begins targeting them, the only place of safety will Mecca, to which they should make hijra, and where in Muharram they will meet their Imam Mahdi al Hujjat al Qa’im bil Haqq min Al-e Muhammad (atfs).

To be continued very soon insha’Allah, with more extensive documentation of riwayat concerning Rajab – Sufyani, heavy rains, the resurrection of the dead, earthquakes – and analysis of their trustworthiness


  1. Friend you miss the Operation Eager Lion 2012 taking place in Jordan lead by King Abdullah on Syrian border in which 19 countries including us,France,Arab countries and Pakistan participating.
    According to some ulemas of Iran and Lebanon, King Abdullah Family is not Hashmites they are actually from banu ummeya .One hadith i read in aser-e-zahoor that sufyani name is abdullah and his mother from Banu Kalab (christen)

  2. Salam brother Ken and may Allah reward you for your sincere work for the Imam (3Afs) and count us amongst his forerunners in sha Allah.

    I love your blog and your insight but above all your love for the Imam (3Afs). We may have to wait a bit longer however since ny 1433 findings seems to have been voided by Allah Al-knowing as per Quran 13:39 or it is 1433 years from Hijra and not 1433 Hijri year. Allah knows better.

    Muslim learners need to link their knowledge instead of being islands of knowledge for the betterment of mankind.
    Please email me via a regular email address as I am not on any social network and that goes for Google+ too.

    Salam to all the wonderful people around you there, may Allah reward you all and us with the re-appearance and some with martydom soon in sha Allah.


  3. nice posting.. thanks for sharing..


    1. Writing wahi and beliving quran is two different thing. Quran is totally perfect, but people who write the quran may make mistake. Believing quran writer has made mistake are nothing wrong. They're not maksum, even sahabat except our prophet or quran say so. Pls make correction. But your alegation that a muslim as infidel is totally wrong. Pls correct your faith

  5. As Salaamu 'Alaykum,

    Brother Kamran, could you tie into the hadith of the 3 factions fighting in Syria: Al Ashab, Al Abqa, and Al Sufyani with what you reported from Al Ghayba? According to the book Asr e Zahoor: From Imam Baqir (AS) is quoted that said:
    "In that year there will be lots of disagreements in the whole Islamic territories in the west (Moroccan)
    the first land that destroy would be Syria (Sham), supporters of three flags of Ashab, Abq troops and
    Sfyany's army, would disagree with each others". (12)
    It seems that the ruler Abq, (i.e., a person who has black and white point in his face) is more
    experienced then his competitor Ashab (The yellow face) of governing the Sham, because the narratives
    noted that Ashab's up rise would occur from outside of the capital or center and his attempt for
    domination would fail... while Abqe consider the real powerful man or the revolutionary that will win
    somewhat and Ashab would compete with him and from attack him for out of the capital but none of
    them can achieve decisive victory over the other, therefore Sfyany take advantage of this opportunity
    and from outside the capital would attack and rout both of them, perhaps Ashab is not Muslim because
    some narratives describe him with the adjective of "Alej" that usually can be use to define unbelievers.
    As it seems, Marwan, who is mentioned in some primarily sources such as book of Naamani's Absence
    is Abqe and does not consider a competitor ruler to Sufyany.

    Just clarify the current Syria situation.


  6. to Salman, respect the sahaba that forced the prophets family out of saudi arabia to iraq? follow the losers who are going to drag you all into nar jahanam? Why do you pray and say "Allah send your blessings upon Mohammad and Mohammad's FAMILY" ? Who do you send your praises on Imam Ali and Fatima Al-Zahra (alayhoom alsalam) but yet you follow the people who killed and forced them out of their duties? Some people really wont understand until we are all raised up again.


    2. Actually, the reason why Imam Hassan (AS) pledged allegiance to him is because if he didnt, all the shias would of perished at that time. Muawiyah was a kafir. Good luck to you until the promised day with your ignorance

  7. As to the person who made this little detailed blog, you have set a time for the sufyanis zuhoor. Need I remind you that people who set a firm date for appearances is a liar? We dont know, it could happen 10000 years from now bro

  8. Dear Abbas A.H.

    While I agree that we should not be explicit in defining a time for these events, I must strongly disagree that it would be in 1000 years. Yes we are ignorant of the specific timing for this knowledge resides exclusively within Allah's domain but, equally, we cannot be completely ignorant or the 'era of appearance' for it would not be possible for the Imam's "surpise" uprise to succeed. In fact, this is precisely why we are given "signs" - so that we may acknowledge the 'era' and prepare ourselves for the 'imminent arrival' even if not knowing the actual 'timing'. Actually, the whole human psyche must be preared to a certain degree - this is why Dr Ahmadinejad wisely mentions the concept of Mahdiism at the UN General Assembly; to provoke the thoughts and accustom humanity to this idea before its actualisation.

    On that basis, I must express that it is quite evident that we are indeed the fortunate generation coinciding with the awaited era. For like a chemical reaction whose occurrence depends on the satisfaction of a formula, the emergence depends on the convergance of various factors both local (i.e. to Muslims) and global (i.e. human situation). Anybody who has studied the signs will immediately see the correlation between current local and global events and the hadiths with quite starking accuracy. The formula for the Imam's appearance is being satisfied before our eyes, inshaAllah.

    May God hasten the the Appearance, inshaAllah.

  9. Aam while you are discussing there is no doubt that Assaad whos army have no religion are bombing from air into towns and cities which is killing children and women.
    And your so callled wahabis or whatever designation you are giving them havee no air power or shelling power
    Clearly shias are killing the sunnis in the most brutal way and iran is backing them
    In any common sense you cannot have any element of ahl bayt in yourself.
    Shias are supporting bashaar
    By the way,the slaughter of muslims in iraq and afghanistan could have not been possible without the invaders being supported by the locals and guess what the supporters were shia
    It is the shia who by the support of western powers are ruling iraq and afghanistan and Pakistan aswell.
    Which comes to the conclusion that shias are untrustworthy of any nation you live among sunnis only to kill them at a later stage